Merlin AI Reaches Milestone, Surpassing 1 Million Users Within 11 Months

Merlin AI celebrates meteoric growth, surpassing 1 million users in just 11 months, with revolutionary features transforming content creation and summarization.

Palo Alto, California, 27th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Merlin AI, a ChatGPT Chrome plugin, has reached a major milestone by gathering 1 million users within its first year of availability. The platform, which was released in December 2022, quickly went viral and caught the attention of the marketing and coding communities in February.

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Merlin AI, originally designed as a browser add-on to improve the user experience with ChatGPT, has now expanded its capabilities. Two particularly useful features have emerged as the driving forces behind this success story: social media content generation and an effective summarizing mechanism.

With Merlin AI, users can easily create original and interesting content for social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Gmail, thereby revolutionizing the way people interact with brands online. To help users streamline their social media presence, Merlin AI operates as a versatile AI copilot, creating and responding to tweets, LinkedIn posts, and emails on their behalf. With the YouTube summarizer and article summarizer, users can easily repurpose and share content, satisfying the rising need for time-saving content consumption.

In order to address the distinct requirements of marketers and programmers, Merlin AI introduces state-of-the-art functionalities on social media channels such as Doppelganger on twitter, that generates a chatbot from social profiles by analyzing public tweets of any well-known individuals and providing responses to inquiries from the general public and Codex, which streamlines intricate code explanations & summarization of pull request. Because of its unique set of features, Merlin AI is an essential tool for any business professional especially marketers and coders.

Because of its commitment to user privacy, Merlin AI does not monitor user behavior on websites unless specifically requested by the user. Users can obtain access to both the GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 models without requiring a ChatGPT account by utilizing the 102 complimentary queries provided daily. In addition to these models, Merlin also provides access to other AI models such as Claude 2 by Anthropic and Llama 2 by Meta.

Merlin AI, in its ongoing efforts to push the limits of AI-driven support, maintains its dedication to delivering users novel functionalities and unmatched convenience. Merlin AI is the preeminent AI companion, generating headlines in the field of artificial intelligence for marketers seeking to increase social media engagement or programmers seeking simplified code explanations.

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About Merlin AI

Merlin AI is an AI copilot extension for Chrome that was developed to act as a powerful AI assistant. It offers advanced features for the production of content and the summarization of information. Merlin AI is well positioned to take the lead in the development of AI-powered solutions thanks to its dedication to protecting the privacy of its users and its fast expanding user base.

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