Meet Pepe Kamel: The man who forecasted current world events

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Mexico, 31st Aug 2022, Meet the man who forecasted current world socio-economic events years ago. Pepe is an entrepreneur and investor who,”for the sheer fun of it”, started sharing personal insights on technology, economics and geopolitics via his social media some years ago and more recently on his website

Pepe has been spot-on about his forecasts and has attracted massive interest not only from his tech and business fan base, but more recently from economists and political analysts around the world. Pepe Kamel is a Mexican-Lebanese citizen based in Mexico city. He is a full stack digital architect that currently directs and invests in dfferent companies across different industries.

Anyone can follow his insights whether via his social networks or website for no cost. He warned about the political naivete and misunderstandings of an emerging info-tech induced economy and its implications in world societies. He forecasted President Trump’s victory against all odds as well as Biden’s victory in the subsequent elections.

He also forecasted current inflation numbers against all experts like Fed chair Jerome Powell and Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen. Pepe is now warning about key socio-economic mismatches and geopolitical threats that major governments, think tanks, mainstream media and thinkers are not paying attention to. Pepe’s international, first hand and multi-industry experience combined with his vast history knowledge, give him the resources and tools for coming out with unique and accurate trend forecasts.

He is definitely a privileged mind worth following in today’s turbulent times for anyone interested in understanding what is going on and for basically anyone interested in understanding the present and the coming future.


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